Monday, March 29, 2010

14th wedding anniversary

well today is our 14th wedding anniversary and this is Tonys gift,we have had a very relaxed day,tony took his gift for a ride and bought back a yummy lunch.i also had my first ride on the bike around the front yard,Tony is only on his L's so thats all i get for atleast 15 months,but when i threw my leg over the bike i burnt my leg,not good,its very sore,no blisters yet so fingers crossed it doesnt scar,till next time,take care


  1. sheesh be, i hope that isnt a bad omen!! happy anniversary darl xox

  2. thanks Kate,gosh i didnt even think of that lol,oh well you never know whats along the road hey

  3. I will kiss leg and put cream on it every day until it is good again . It is a good thing we dont believe in omens. Next time jeans.
    Love you always